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    of the service and its usage
    providing custom webhosting services under your own brand
    no need of any technical knowledge
    no worries about the management of software and hardware
    complete automatization
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    Advantages over
    the existing solutions
    extending of the service portfolio with your own webhosting
    outsourcing of existing webhosting services
    reduction of costs and increase of profits
    charging according to the principle: you pay only when you earn
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    and VPS
    creating your own packages with custom parameters and price
    high flexibility – classic webhosting, e-mail hosting, ..
    support of VPS
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    and payment options
    robust and automated invoicing system
    invoicing your clients on your behalf
    export to accounting software (CROSS, CSV, ..)
    support of online payment systems (TatraPay, CardPay, WebPay, ..)
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    options of API
    complex API
    possibility to connect to any external system
    libraries for PHP and Python

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ELBIA, s. r. o.
Stoličková 870/4
97401 Banská Bystrica
Slovak republic
Company ID: 36702897
VAT ID: SK2022300995
Registered at: District Court of Banská Bystrica
Insert number: 12334/S
Technical support and information:
Mobile: +421 48 290 13 33
Jabber: elbia@jabber.sk
Sales department: