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Are you planning to expand your portfolio of Internet services with webhosting? We have created a system for providing webhosting and server services under your own brand for you. You can run client's websites with us, without high costs of hardware and software, even without technical knowledge. Create your own webhosting services and offer them to your clients as your services for your own prices.
Who is this service for?
Marketing agencies
Internet service providers
Smaller web hosting companies
Web designers
Advantages of the system subHoster
Cloud webhosting
Webhosting and server under your brand
You do not need technical knowledge
Hardware and software provided by us
The service is not reselling
Charges can be determined independently from ours
Main features
The flexible configurator will help you to design customized hosting services. Make your own hosting service packages – simple FTP hosting, e-mail hosting, or unlimited multihosting for multiple domains. Open the advanced options also for your clients. The system supports the extension of services designed by you, using add-ons that allow your clients to change the parameters of their webhostings.
Configurator of hosting services
Design your customized hosting services
Create your own domain price list
Your clients can expand their service packages by themselves
Manage your orders
Monitor the statistics and customer surveys
Multilinguality – Slovak, English, Hungarian
Supplementary service packages
Extra advantage for your clients
Unlimited possibilities for you and your clients
Clients can extend the selected packages with add-ons
Clients decide by themselves which service they need to expand
Clients configure their own hosting service packages
Clients propose various numbers of add-ons to the packages
The way of charging
The service is based on a credit system. First you top up your credit; fees for used services are then deducted from it. You start to pay at the moment of creating the first webhosting or virtual server (VPS). You pay only for the actual consumed resources; if you create a webhosting package with unlimited disk space, only occupied space will be charged. You pay only for what you actually use.
How are the services charged?
We provide reliable webhosting services at fair prices
Credit payment system
The price for parameters is charged dynamically
Only actually consumed resources are charged
You pay only when you earn
Reduction of costs thanks to outsourcing
What can you get with us?
You will save money thanks to our charging system
You have your spent finances under control
You pay only for what the end client actually consumed
We do not charge you for unused services
If you earn nothing, you do not pay
You will significantly reduce your expenses for webhosting services
Functions of webhosting and VPS
You have a full management interface available, with which you can easily manage your services. We created the interface with the emphasis on clearness. It is controlled intuitively and even a layman is able to work there. Your clients can extend and activate services in the interface, they can also download issued invoices in PDF format and use advanced tools for diagnosing problems, such as overload of allocated server resources, or attacks on their web sites.
Managing of standard services
Easy and intuitive control
Managing of FTP and sftp accounts
Use of MySQL accounts and databases
Setting of e-mail accounts / aliases / forwards
Management of domains and subdomains
CRON support
Management of advanced services
Administration of DNS records and servers
Managing of domains – multihosting
Installation of open source software
Installation of SSL certificates
Setting of advanced e-mail filters
Access to web logs
You will save time and money with our fully automatized system. Using the API, you create new orders, which can be paid online with different payment methods. Payments are paired with orders, which are automatically activated. An invoice is subsequently generated and sent to the client. The system sends notifications to clients about the need to renew the services, and it also automatically disables the services that the client is not interested in any longer.
Automatization of processes
Creating orders
Pairing of payments
Activation of services
Issuing and sending invoices
Deactivation and deletion of not renewed services
Automatic notifications in the system
Sending notifications according to the set schedule
Service renewal notifications
Clients can order the service via notifications
Sending notifications to external systems
Sending SOAP requests directly into your information system
The billing module
Full-featured billing system creates notices on due payment, invoices and credit notes to clients. You can activate automatic invoicing, or you can issue documents manually. You can set the layout of documents using templates. All documents are issued with your billing information. You can access different payment gateways, and in this way automatically match payments with orders.
Functions of the billing system
PDF invoices sent by e-mail
Automatic invoicing to clients in your name
Setting a custom layout using templates
Payment gateways (TatraPay, CardPay, TrustPay, TrustCard, ..)
E-mail notifications with due dates of documents
Export of data in various formats
Why to use automatic billing?
You will save time spent issuing documents
You have an overview of who has paid for the service
You know who should renew the service
You will notify clients who did not pay
You will deactivate the services not payed for
Everything is provided automatically and without any worries
Advanced features
The system offers many advanced features. Services can be grouped into interfaces designed for different types of clients. You will inform the clients about expiration of services through SMS notifications. You can create a variety of discounts through discount coupons. You will use multicast option of sending personalized newsletters to your clients.
Advanced features in the system
Very flexible discount coupons
SMS notification to your customers
E-mail notification
Grouping of services using interfaces
Addressing of clients via e-mail
Get your customers
Create attractive special offers and discounts
Customize services for your clients
Remind them of benefits of renewing the services
Contact them in different ways
Create eye-catching newsletters
API serves as a connection of our information system with other external systems. Through API, you can achieve a 100 percent automation of all services, including creating orders, matching payments and activating and deactivating services. Complete and full API is based on SOAP technology. Available are regularly updated libraries for PHP and Python programming languages.
Advantages of API
Quality and comprehensive API
Efficient and secure interconnection of systems
Connection with own information system
Increasing the level of automation to the maximum
Access to API is also available to your clients
Implementation of API
SOAP technology, which is the standard for systems integration
You can use any programming language
Availability of PHP and Python libraries
Comprehensive documentation
Assistance during implementation